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My last DB ever, most likely, so I'm happy to have ended on a high note. What follows beneath the cut is not much of a report, just a few random scraps, but the gist of it is: Kame manages to impress me more than anyone else on the planet on a regular basis, and someone really needs to give Miyata his own stage show. I'd even pay to see it.

This time I had company in the form of [ profile] floinvietnam; since we cut it a little close with the train we pretty much went straight to find our seats. Row Q, on the far left, which put us conveniently close to the door where Kame comes out for the boxing match. As in, one person to the left and a couple of rows behind, and there he was. It also gave us a fairly nice view of all the guys running in the aisles as they were hunting for Kame etc. Flo attempted to take a pic of the stage but got spotted by a staff member who made her delete her photos.

One thing I forgot to mention last time was that there was a loud cheer before the show started. That's not from previous years, I think. I do miss the clowns running around beforehand, though! It's funny how the show's become slicker and less random in some parts, yet more chaotic in others. I guess even DB changes from time to time.

Kame and Miyata shushed each other after the fighting at the club, leading them into doing the whispering "She! Her! Her!" thing. Hikaru got chased around the stage by Kame after he accidentally called him Kame rather than Kazuya. Tamamori did what I'm assuming was one of those Dragonball attacks that involve a lot of powering up and sound like they contain "Kame" in them? I do believe Kame kicked Miyata at one point.

Today by the bench, Miyata was a spy. Not a terribly good spy, mind you, because he was stage whispering pretty loudly into his mic as he reported on the enemy, Kazuya, to his boss. He crawled across the floor, injuring himself as he went (pretend only, I should add), but Kame moved, and Miyata was very upset to find that Kame wasn't there. He ran off to find him, then Kame returned from offstage, found Miyata was gone, and went to find him. Miyata came back, found Kame gone, went off to find him - but Kame reappeared from the back of the stage, not the side.

Miyata reported in that he'd found Kame, but whined about how he couldn't do anything because Kame was a good he crawled up to the bench, where Kame was sitting, and hugged him from the back. It was so cute!

At some point they were singing Everybody Go together, as well. Anyway, spy business over, Miyata ran off. Kame found Miyata's running style so hilarious that he broke out into giggles over it, so Miyata returned and did it again.

This time I could actually see Sakiho creepily watching from the side as Kame played Kizuna on the bench. Explains how she knew about it, but not how she got hold of a copy...

At the circus, Miyata's ursine partner in crime started doing typical rap hand gestures, which Miyata identified and the two of them wound up knocking fists etc. Miyata held up a large blue hula hoop for the bear to jump through - the bear ran, jumped, and kicked Miyata instead. Oops. Then it was the bear's turn to hold it up, much to Miyata's disbelief, but he jumped through. When the bear held it up higher, though, he wasn't so lucky - he knocked into it and fell. Madame Ran threw the hoop over him when she emerged from the box, so he hula hooped for a bit.

Once again, Iwamoto tried to gain admission with a biscuit, and then with a cassette. (Is he even old enough to know what a cassette is?)

Special report for Pat: yes, the glorious is returning to its, glory.

Kame had the devil of a time keeping sweat out of his eyes during his triangle stunt; he kept wiping it off on his wristband. He had to kick one of the ropes aside before the last go around; the clang was loud and clear, as was all the huffing and puffing he was doing to psych himself up. He's got to be some kind of adrenaline junkie because it's clearly very nervewracking for him, and he charges right on in and does it anyway. Kamenashi Kazuya, you are one of my short heroes. (And he knows it, too. He wore such a smirk when he was escorting the two women down the stairs.)

Went to find Sam and Fitz up in the balcony during the interval (Sam's hair is an excellent beacon); found support for my opinion that this year's T-shirt is hideous.

I finally figured out what the "band" version of Kizuna reminds me of - Bon Jovi's 'Livin' On a Prayer'. (It's the bass, I think.) So there you go - Bon Jovi do Kizuna, that's what it would sound like.

After the rock version at the end, Miyata had a hard time catching Kame when he came in to land, and they ended up spinning round together.

I had some notes about Showtime, but my pen decided to do that thing again where it doesn't write, and of course I couldn't tell in the dark. I do now know that Hikaru was singing 'Your Seed' as his shiny juggling solo, and the Kisumai songs I missed out were 'Shake It Up' and 'Wanna Beeee!'. Sadly, because we were so far to the left we couldn't see Kame while he was up the stairs at the beginning of '1582' - it was only once he'd started to come down and the staircase moved that we got a good view of him. (Beautiful, as always.)

I was warned about this, so I made sure to look carefully for it: when the final curtain came down, Kame cocked his head cutely to the side. So precious.

And that was it for me and DB this year. Thank you, Kame and co.; it's been a good run and hope to see you again sometime.


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