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My last DB ever, most likely, so I'm happy to have ended on a high note. What follows beneath the cut is not much of a report, just a few random scraps, but the gist of it is: Kame manages to impress me more than anyone else on the planet on a regular basis, and someone really needs to give Miyata his own stage show. I'd even pay to see it.

Dream Boys @ Imperial Garden Theatre, 2012/09/27, 13:00 )
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I don't imagine anyone who isn't on my f-list actually reads these anymore, but just in case, the usual applies: feel free to link, quote, translate etc.

Well, according to my LJ it's been almost exactly a year since I last went to see a performance of Dream Boys, and this is probably the last year for me. The show might well go on, but it'll do so without me. (Priorities, you know?) After all these years I have finally managed to get to the theatre by a consistent route, which is quite possibly a sign that it's time to move on.

Which is not to say I didn't enjoy my first round of this year's show; in fact, I'd almost consider picking up a third ticket for Miyata and Senga alone! And Kame is, of course, my high-flying god. But as with last year, I'm limited in who I can identify outside the main cast, so if you're reading for the Juniors, you might as well stop here. (Though I can tell you that Ishigaki Daisuke is as lovely as ever.)

I have no memory, an inability to read my own terrible handwritten scrawl (as done in a darkened theatre), and I got kind of sidetracked watching Kame, but if you're prepared for all that, read on!

Dream Boys @ Imperial Garden Theatre, 2012/09/21, 13:00 )


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