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I know I don't post much anymore, even about my travels, but sometimes something comes up that I simply have to talk about. To that end, I'm making this post public. (Seeing as how the contents of this post would be against LJ's new ToS, I won't be crossposting there - or indeed, posting there ever again.) Let me ask a few questions.

- Are you a noir-loving mystery buff who's fed up of the misogyny, homophobia etc. that seems to run rampant through the genre?

- Are you sick of playing 'Spot the Token Non-cishet Character' in the media you consume?

- Are you depressed and would like more stories about depressed characters where the entire plot is not actually about their depression?

- Are you into detective/thief pairings where your flirtatious banter comes with a side-order of death-defying escapades and saving the world together?

(And if not, how do you feel about a lesbian bandit and her schoolteacher wife running an orphanage, or a disabled aspiring knight whose horse's legs make up for his own? Not to mention some incredibly creepy standalone horror eps.)

If the answer to some or all of the above is 'yes', then click on the cut and let me introduce you to the joys of 'The Penumbra Podcast'. (If you already listen to it, then good for you! Come talk to me about it!)

Bisexual non-binary ex-cop depressed private eye on Mars? I'm sold. How about you? )


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